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Titanium Games Platform. A complete system to enhance games with blockchain integration, securely. Revel in real rewards and discover immutable in-game items like never before.

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By signing-up, you're unlocking a world where every move counts, and every win is a step toward greatness. Link up with your favorite socials - Apple, Google, Twitch or Steam - and make your Titanium profile the command center of your gaming universe.
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New to the World of Web3 Wallets?
Fear not, future Titan! We're making your entrance into the realm of Titanium Games as smooth as possible. The moment you sign up with us, a secure and encrypted wallet will be automatically generated for you - it's your new digital vault. Topping up your Titanium Coins will be a breeze. Whether you're using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a card, getting ready for action is just a few clicks away.
Already a Web3 Warrior?
Fantastic! If you're a veteran with Metamask or any other Web3 wallet, integrating it into your Titanium Games experience is easy. After signing up, just head to your user settings or access the Titanium Wallet directly to link your existing wallet. It instantly becomes part of your gaming arsenal. Remember, one wallet per Titan - if you need to switch, simply request a 'change wallet' through your user account settings.
Welcome to the seamless integration of Web3 in gaming, where your skills and assets are just a click away.
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You can purchase $Ti on Titanium Games Platform. Head over to Buy Ti and purchase Titanium Tokens with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Card. Easy. Once purchased these are automatically added to your account and you're good to game.
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You can purchase $Ti from Uniswap. Once purchased, head over to Titanium Wallet.
Titanium Swap
Fund your Titanium Account
Titanium Swap - your gateway to funding your gaming adventures. Here, deposit your freshly acquired on-chain Titanium or ETH into your Titanium Games account. With your funds securely deposited, you're set to dive into a world of seamless, secure gaming.
To enhance your gaming experience, we use off-chain Ti - available to you On-Platform. You can easily convert your on-chain funds to off-chain for gaming and vice versa, using Titanium Swap:
Make a Deposit:
Make a Deposit:
Deposits: When you deposit funds into your Titanium account, you can either transfer existing tokens from your web3 wallet or purchase them using our Fiat to Crypto Onramp, such as Stripe.
Make a Withdrawal:
Make a Withdrawal:
Withdrawals: When you move funds from your Titanium account to an on-chain destination, like your connected web3 wallet.
Make a Top-up:
Make a Top-up:
Top-Ups: Quickly and easily replenish your connected Web 3 wallet. All top-ups are promptly credited to your on-chain Web 3 wallet.
Titanium Swap Video Tutorials:
Titanium Swap Video Tutorials:
1. Withdraw
2. Deposit
3. Top Up
View your transaction history either within the Titanium Swap app or in your profile under the 'Txs' tab.
User Account Features:
Customisable and User Centric profiles
User Features
Edit your username or Gamer Tag. Make it unique. Make it yours.
Profile <br/>Customisation
If you possess an NFT from our supported communities, we'll instantly recognize it in your connected wallet. Pick a clan, contribute to its bi-weekly score, and aid in winning collection sweeps. We stand with your communities.
Clan <br/>Tag
Connect your socials from Apple, Google, Twitch for live streaming and others. We want a frictionless experience where you can connect, play and share.
Socials <br/>Connect
Manage your wallet. If you already have one, then link it to your account. We only allow one wallet per email address. If you lose the wallet please requests for your wallet to be updated. this can be done from your user settings. Even those without a web3 wallet can enjoy a seamless play-and-earn experience, here at Titanium Games. Designed for everyone.
Secure your Titanium Games Account with 2Factor authentication and ensure that nothing happens without your consent.
What is Titanium Games Beta platform?
The Titanium Games Beta Platform is an early iteration of our platform, currently under development and testing. Access is exclusive to a select group of users invited to engage with games and explore functionalities. While the platform is in this phase, anyone can create a profile and access information about our ongoing projects and future directions. We plan to gradually unlock new features and increase our beta tester base, so stay tuned for updates.
How do I initiate a game on Titanium?
To start a game on Titanium, ensure you have ETH or $Ti tokens in your Titanium Account. First, link a wallet to your account via User Profile > Wallet Management, where you can connect an existing wallet or create a new one directly on our platform. Next, deposit ETH or $Ti using Titanium Swap, accessible through the wallet icon in the header. For detailed instructions on funding your account, visit the Learning Page for Gamers. With your balance ready, you can dive into playing Titanium Games. Remember, you can withdraw your balance anytime.
How do I transfer my ETH and Ti into my Titanium Account?
For comprehensive instructions on transferring funds to your Titanium account, please visit our Learning Pages for Gamers. You'll find detailed guidance on depositing and withdrawing funds, as well as topping up your web3 wallet. Essentially, these transactions can be conveniently managed through the Titanium Swap app, identifiable by the wallet icon located in the top right corner of the header.
Why do I need to approve ETH or $Ti before depositing into my Titanium account?
Approval is necessary when you're transferring funds from your own wallet to your Titanium account. This step grants explicit permission to our smart contract to access the tokens in your wallet, serving as a security measure to prevent unauthorised transactions without your consent.
How long will it take for my balance to update after depositing?
Your balance updates instantly upon successful transaction completion on the blockchain.
How do I withdraw my funds?
For comprehensive instructions on withdrawing funds from your Titanium account, please visit our Learning Pages for Gamers. You'll find detailed guidance on withdrawing and depositing funds, as well as topping up your web3 wallet. Essentially, these transactions can be conveniently managed through the Titanium Swap app, identifiable by the wallet icon located in the top right corner of the header.
Can I withdraw at any time?
Yes, you can withdraw your funds whenever you desire.
What happens when I win ETH or $Ti?
Any winnings go directly to your Titanium Account balance and can be immediately withdrawn if you wish.
How do I claim my NFT winnings?
Visit your user profile and inspect your game history. Any won NFTs will be visible under the relevant game and can be claimed by clicking 'Claim.' Approving the claim allows the on-chain transfer of your item to your connected wallet.
How do I host a PvP match in Ti22 Miner?
Click PvP in the game menu, fill in the required details to host a match, select a minimum balance for contenders, and optionally password-protect your game. Upon hosting the game, you're directed to the Arena to await a challenger or to share a magic link for direct game access.
When is my Titanium Account balance deducted when playing?
For solo games, it's deducted upon game entry. In PvP, it's after the countdown finishes and the game begins. Game outcomes determine the final balance.
What happens if I forfeit or leave a game prematurely?
Unfortunately, forfeiting or exiting a game prematurely results in the loss of your pooled balance. No refunds are available for incomplete games. Ensure a stable internet connection to avoid accidental forfeits.
How secure is Titanium Games?
Built on blockchain's secure and trustless architecture, Titanium Games safeguards all transactions with robust encryption and authentication protocols. Please remember to secure your private wallet keys; they are solely under your control, not Titanium's. Our backend and databases have been rigorously proof-tested by the esteemed ethical hackers of Renowned Hacker01, guaranteeing the safety of our game liquidity contracts and your deposited funds.
Are the games on Titanium fair?
Absolutely. All game outcomes result from player interactions in P2P modes or rewards distribution models for solo modes, all designed to be enjoyable and rewarding. Transparency and fairness are integral to our gaming ethos.
Can I play Titanium Games on my mobile?
While we strive towards mobile compatibility, optimal gaming experience is currently best enjoyed on a desktop or laptop. Stay tuned for mobile-friendly updates!
Can I share my game results?
Indeed, you can! Every game result is coupled with a unique URL, enabling you to share your gaming triumphs on social media or with friends.
What happens if there's a bug in a game?
We're dedicated to ensuring seamless gameplay. However, if you encounter any bugs, please report them via our website or social media platforms. We highly encourage joining our bug-reporting discord where you can submit a detailed ticket. For our Beta testers we have invited them to a development discord where they can fill our tickets to report any bugs.